Campus and city

The Aadhya campus is situated in the former British cantonment area of Secundrabad. The campus is well connected with all forms of public and private transports. The area is a well-developed, forever busy and home to many small business.

The campus is WIFI enabled with buzzing small and cosy cafes around. There are lot of facilities to supplement classroom teaching. These facilities aid students in the path of holistic development and pursuing the careers of their choices.

In terms of student discipline, it’s important that the students set appropriate goals for themselves, manage their time effectively and carry themselves in a manner befitting their professional education. In case of stressful situations, students are advised to contact student counsellor N. Jaya Reddy Drugs, drinking (liquor) and smoking, ragging & eve teasing and cheating, stealing, provocation, coercion, threats, pressure tactics and fights will be dealt with severity.

Students at Aadhya, has conducted “Swatch bharat”, “Anti-drug rally” and other similar community services to combat against social evils.