To board members, faculty, staff, students

At Aadhya we aim to provide Joyful learning, Holistic development and Guaranteed career through our Nexgen education.

In my 17+ years of experience with various multinational companies across the world, I have realised a great percentage of professional success depends on person’s confidence and personality.

Aadhya as an institution was established to bridge this gap and help students with business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective communication through active learning methods like group discussions, practice by doing, “teach others” programs.
I am grateful for your support and look forward to helping you build our future together.

– N Ashok Reddy

As told by Chanakya “A learned man is honoured by the people, commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is honoured everywhere”.

My passion was to teach. That is all I have known and done in my life. It is always my endeavour to impart lucid understanding of the subjects and to groom value driven and knowledgeable individuals.
At Aaadhya my mission is to focus on each student by creating centres of knowledge and ensuring they form a community of knowledgeable people.

“Each one of our students will be knowledge expert. This is my dream, this is my commitment”

– N Bhaskar Reddy

In this millennium, learning no longer got limited to classrooms but extended to cloud based support system or rather call it internet.
Constant obsession for quality learning, skill development and to excel in different paradigms of knowledge has led to immense stress among the students.

About 800000 students from across the world die due to mental health problems. The numbers were like a whirlpool that stuck us.
We at Aadhya emphasize on emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of each student through constant counselling and personal interaction with students and parents.

Persistent counselling sessions, challenging intellectual, physical and social strengths of students has become our endeavour to reduce unnecessary and unhealthy diversions.

– N Jaya Reddy